Corporate Client
Milano, Italy, 2009
15000 mq

Rinascente Milan’s lower ground floor is home to a 2000 m2 retail store selling over 200 high-end homeware brands.

the clear and strong visual order underpinning the store design foregrounds the designer items on display while the rigorous geometry of the long and regular counters separated by dwarf walls sets the mood of this contemporary ‘Design supermarket.’ the layout of laRinascente gives customers a clear, uninterrupted view of the spacious retail area and allows them to appreciate in a glance the variety of luxury merchandise on exhibition. thin light strips are located on top of each dwarf wall. this subtle detail further enhances the horizontal stretch of the design.

the neat lines and neutral hues of furnishings, floors and walls, create the ideal background for the colourful items on display.

Individual boutiques surrounding the main retail area are accessible via 4 m wide doorways. these shops are separated from the central store by walls finished in warm white resin, with inserts and niches carved in beige etrurian stone.

credits: Claudio Silvestrin and Giuliana Vittoria Salmaso with Sebastian Corso, Francesco Cucco, Sara Russo Esteves, Emanuela Leo, Stefania Odelli