We have undertaken a broad range of signature architectural projects for private clients and have developed a reputation for excellence in managing each step of the creative process, from understanding our clients’ needs and aspirations to bringing the final projects to life.

  • Typically, the very first phase of a project is about creative brainstorming with our clients: we listen to and understand your wishes and visit the site. We then advise on the best strategy to carry the project forward
  • In the following stage we give shape to your design ideas and present them through visual techniques such as 3D models and layouts. space, light, interior and exterior finishes all feature
    in these models. this presentation aims to provide enough information for you to make informed decisions about the project and generate exciting options before making a major commitment
  • We provide the following services to our private clients: (i) mood/concept design, (ii) schematic design, (iii) final schematic design, (iv) design plans and specifications, (v) artistic supervision of the construction plans developed by the contractor, (vi) artistic supervision of the building site
  • We always strive to work in our clients’ best interests ensuring we meet their expectations of quality, value for money, design ambitions and deadlines
  • If required, we offer support to our clients introducing them to our established network of consultants, contractors and builders
  • We work alongside the design team to see our clients’ interior projects through from concept to completion, making sure that the work of each team remains true to the project’s design philosophy
  • We supervise the project right up to construction, liaising with suppliers and contractors to achieve a luxury design of impeccable quality