We design emotions

1+1=1 ARCHITECTS is a London-based architecture and design studio led by Claudio Silvestrin and Giuliana Vittoria Salmaso.
Since its foundation in 2004, 1+1=1 has developed a diverse body of work including cultural, residential, office and commercial projects, such as the innovation centre Tetra Pak Hub in Modena, the majestic wooden dome at ILLUM in Copenhagen, the award winning Blè Food Hall in Thessaloniki and the serene TEMPLUM well-being centre in Seoul.
1+1=1’s projects are known for their emotional impact and geometric sensibility. Each embodies a vital juxtaposition of contrasting elements: delicacy and strength, tradition and modernity, fluidity and firmness.
1+1=1’s strength lies in solving complex design problems through a minimalist design with a twist that makes each project unique and recognizable, as well as offering clients an elevating and extraordinary experience. Marked by a distinctive aesthetic, ideal for brand identity, 1+1=1 always considers functionality, durability and comfort whilst placing the human and user experience at the heart of every project.
Clients include Vodafone, Tetra Pak, laRinascente and ILLUM.
Giuliana, Claudio and a core team of collaborators work together with strength and passion to meet their clients’ complex needs using innovation and simplicity to create unique value and memorable emotions through design.