Corporate Client
Florence, Italy, ongoing
7200 mq

1+1=1 architects presents a daring and ultra-modern project for Rinascente Florence. It is a complete refurbishment and rooftop extension of Palazzo del trianon, a 19th century palace in the historical Piazza della Repubblica. this square in the heart of Florence used to be one of the city’s cultural and commercial hubs. 1+1=1 architects honoured this heritage by designing a multi-purpose building that is both an international shopping and retail centre and a public cultural venue. our design aims to show that the Renaissance capital can once again dare to be modern and innovative.

The extension was conceived as a symbol of strength, the square floorplan, and lightness, the window design inspired by a detail of the archangel’s wing in the Annunciation by Florentine Renaissance painter Filippo Lippi. the extension looks as if it were floating atop the old Palazzo while blending into its original architectural structure. the new configuration highlights the synergy and contrast between the volume symmetry of the pre-existing 19th century Palazzo, which is firmly rooted into the ground, and the rotated annex soaring up to the sky. the materials used for the extension also evoke lightness: its slim metallic framework is easily disassembled and its walls are finished in lime plaster – an ancient, pure material conveying a sense of immaculateness.

credits: Claudio Silvestrin and Giuliana Vittoria Salmaso with Charlotte Borghmans, Francesco Muto, Stefania Odelli, Silvia Sola, Mariachiara Suriani