Corporate Client
Copenaghen, Denmark, 2015
4850 mq

A fresh redesign of the ground floor, a contemporary atrium and a sumptuous dome are the chief features of ILLUM, a department store located in the heart of copenhagen. 1+1=1 architects’ ambitious project aims to make ILLUM one the major scandinavian shopping destinations.
the clear visual order underpinning ILLUM’s design creates a relaxing ambience that welcomes visitors into the retail store. Natural materials, moreover, give a warm and distinctive feel to the interior. the floor finish for the ground floor level is Dreamwhite stone. this soft-hued stone creates a neutral setting for the diverse retail activities populating ILLUM’s space. In addition, each shopping area is marked by a unique material: calacatta Vagli oro stone clads the walls of the accessories zone, while Red jasper stone was chosen for the jewellery zone.
At the heart of the project are the contemporary atrium and its impressive dome, marked by the bright and gentle tones of beech wood. this wood lines the sides of the escalators, the top floor parapet walls and the 30×19 m domed ceiling. Rows of small square holes perforate the dome, allowing the soft Nordic sunlight in.

Credits: Claudio Silvestrin and Giuliana Vittoria Salmaso with Marco Pavoni, Ana Arebola, Luca Forzi, Petra Kustrin, Laura Squarzoni
Photos by Pietro Savorelli, Claudio Silvestrin and Alexandros Liaskovitis