Private Client
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 2011

1+1=1 architects have been invited to offer their vision for the future development of Ulaanbaatar city centre.

the Mongolian capital is growing at an unprecedented rate, mainly under the pressure of globalisation and the urbanisation of the nomadic peoples of Mongolia. After the mining boom and the ensuing economic growth, the city is undergoing fast modernisation: corporate towers, residential buildings, shopping centres, major highways are growing relentlessly, blind to a quality development plan. the result is a jarring mix of run-down residential estates dating back to the soviet era and soulless new developments that make Ulaanbaatar’s urban landscape hard and unwelcoming to humans.
our development proposal for Ulaanbaatar is a grand cityscape that brings quality and enhanced urban experiences through thoughtfully designed public spaces, covered promenades, green areas, leisure and cultural institutions, improved riverside areas, bus stops designs that are mindful of the Mongolian harsh climate, a research campus and a new expo area. the careful integration of all these elements radically transforms the quality of the urban environment, setting the bar higher for Ulaanbaatar’s living standards of the future.

Credits: Claudio Silvestrin and Giuliana Vittoria Salmaso with Charlotte Borghmans, Francesco Muto, Silvia Sola, Mariachiara Suriani