Corporate Client
Herzogenaurach, Germany, 2004
13000 mq

1+1=1 architects’ design for the 13,000 m2 Adidas building looks like a floating rock, a symbol of strength and time. At a first glance it appears impossible for this architectural unit to stand firmly. However, this is the most natural and compelling way to embody the Adidas slogan: ‘Impossible is nothing.’
the external shape is easy on the eye and transcends pure functionality, becoming a strong and unique statement for the Adidas brand. the building is clad in a soft coloured porphyry veneer and carved lengthways along the top are three parallel windows representing the unmistakable Adidas corporate trademark.

Credits: Claudio Silvestrin and Giuliana Vittoria Salmaso with Oliver Kampshoff, Halina Hoffmann, Jana Synowski Model making: Claus Dold
Structural and facade engineering: ArUP London